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DIY Cathedral Length Tulle Wedding Wing Cape Pattern PDF Tutorial

DIY Cathedral Length Tulle Wedding Wing Cape Pattern PDF Tutorial

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Fanciful and modern, these detachable bridal wings are for brides who don’t have a train on their dress or who want to make their train even longer! This easy-to-follow, do-it-yourself PDF pattern teaches you how to make two separate bridal "sleeve" wings that attach at the shoulders or at the back bodice of your dress.

Skill Level: This pattern requires NO sewing machine and NO previous experience with sewing. It is meant for beginners.

Details of the wings that you will make:

  • long tulle wedding wings that show off a low back
  • raw edge (without a trim) so that you and your dress remain center stage
  • attached to 2 pins or brooches for easy attachment to your outfit

You aren't the DIY type of bride? Then you can request free samples of the completed wedding wings  HERE.

What is Included?

• a PDF tutorial with color photos and a simple 5 step process so that you have a no-stress experience
• measuring instructions so that it is the perfect size for you
• designer's contact details so that you can reach out with questions or for styling help
• 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied
• a fun and exciting experience you can share with your loved ones
• Video tutorials to help guide through the trickiest parts (if you choose “Pattern + Video Tutorials” or “Complete Material Kit” Style upon Check-out)
• Complete Material Kit shipped to you with everything you need (if you choose “Complete Material Kit” Style upon Check-out)

Materials Needed

110'' of Tulle or other fabric that is 108’’ in width, 2 decorative brooches, Invisible Nylon Sewing thread, Sewing scissors, Measuring tape or ruler, Hand sewing needles

Not sure if this pattern is right for you? Ask yourself these 3 Questions before getting started designing your own.


Customizable based on your measurements.

Care information

In order to get the wrinkles out you can either have the wing steamed (they can do this at alteration shops or you can with a handheld steamer), or you can hang it up in a steamy bathroom, and the weight of the accessory will naturally take out the wrinkles within 4-5 days. No ironing.

I recommend storing it in a cool dry place, such as under your bed or in the closet. My preferred method of storing is to fold it over a hanger lengthwise and to place it within a protective garment bag. You can then keep your accessory in this garment bag as you transport it to and from dress fittings, hair trials and rehearsals.


Instant Delivery via e-mail. PDF Download.

Measuring Guide

Typical Veil Lengths

Blusher / Shoulder Length / Flyaway Veil: touches the shoulders or just covers your face

  • Typically 15’’ or so

Elbow Length Veil: just reaches your elbows when your arms are down at your sides

  • Typically 20-25’’

Fingertip Length: reaches the fingertips when your arms are at your sides

  • Typically 35-40’’

Ballet Length / Waltz Length: reaches your knees or mid-calf

  • Typically 45-50’’

Chapel Length: brushes the floor or extends a bit past the floor

  • Typically 80-90’’

Cathedral Length: extends several feet past the train of your wedding dress

  • Typically 108’’

Royal Length: the longer the better! This is the veil of the royals.

  • Start at 120’’ and can go as long as 200’’+

How to Measure for your Veil

Veil measurements can vary depending on your height and your wedding dress.

If it is possible, you should probably take a quick veil measurement (this does not have to be taken while wearing your wedding gown) so that you can make sure that the veil hits exactly where you would like. Take a piece of string (that does not stretch) or a flexible measuring tape, and measure from where the veil will be attached in your hair down to the tip of approximately where you would like the veil to end at the longest point at the back. This measurement does not have to be exact. It just gives me a basic idea of how long you would like your veil to be.

It is always better to have your veil be slightly longer rather than shorter. So if you are unsure, it is best to add an additional 1-2 inches to your measurement.

 wedding veil measuring

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