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Pearl and Lace Headband Bridal Veil: Turban Headpiece

Pearl and Lace Headband Bridal Veil: Turban Headpiece

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A poetic interplay of modesty and radiance, this pearl turban veil is a serenade to the bride who cherishes the in-betweens.

Not quite a turban, but not quite a headband, this unique headpiece provides a hint of covering without fully obscuring your hair. The underside of the beaded French lace hairpiece is stitched with a bendable wire, allowing a comfortable and secure fit that molds to your head.

• the unique “English net” fabric cascades from the headband base. This weightier fabric allows it to fall softly and to provide more hair coverage for modest brides or brides with hair thinning
• Easily secures to your hair with a silver, rose gold, or gold metal hair comb or clear plastic comb 
• rhinestone and pearl detailing

Purity: Immaculate and faultless, of good virtue

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Draped from the most luxurious English netting and beaded French alencon lace

Each accessory is lovingly hand-sewn from scratch, so contact me to discuss how it can be customized for you.


Draped from ultra soft 108'' width luxurious English net

Each accessory is lovingly hand-sewn from scratch, so contact me to discuss how it can be customized for you.

Care information

Although veils are steamed before shipping, it may have some wrinkles by the time it reaches you. In order to get the wrinkles out you can either have the veil steamed (they can do this at alteration shops or you can with a handheld steamer), or you can hang it up in a steamy bathroom, and the weight of the accessory will naturally take out the wrinkles within 4-5 days. No ironing.

Each accessory is lovingly hand-sewn from scratch, so contact me to discuss how it can be customized for you.


Made to Order. Receive it within a week with free US Shipping or Upgrade to 2 day shipping.

Measuring Guide

Typical Veil Lengths

Blusher / Shoulder Length / Flyaway Veil: touches the shoulders or just covers your face

  • Typically 15’’ or so

Elbow Length Veil: just reaches your elbows when your arms are down at your sides

  • Typically 20-25’’

Fingertip Length: reaches the fingertips when your arms are at your sides

  • Typically 35-40’’

Ballet Length / Waltz Length: reaches your knees or mid-calf

  • Typically 45-50’’

Chapel Length: brushes the floor or extends a bit past the floor

  • Typically 80-90’’

Cathedral Length: extends several feet past the train of your wedding dress

  • Typically 108’’

Royal Length: the longer the better! This is the veil of the royals.

  • Start at 120’’ and can go as long as 200’’+

How to Measure for your Veil

Veil measurements can vary depending on your height and your wedding dress.

If it is possible, you should probably take a quick veil measurement (this does not have to be taken while wearing your wedding gown) so that you can make sure that the veil hits exactly where you would like. Take a piece of string (that does not stretch) or a flexible measuring tape, and measure from where the veil will be attached in your hair down to the tip of approximately where you would like the veil to end at the longest point at the back. This measurement does not have to be exact. It just gives me a basic idea of how long you would like your veil to be.

It is always better to have your veil be slightly longer rather than shorter. So if you are unsure, it is best to add an additional 1-2 inches to your measurement.

 wedding veil measuring

Sweet Returns

I am so confident that you’ll love your veil that I offer a money back guarantee that comes with a latte or sweet treat on me.

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