tulle hair bow with pearls for half up half down hairstyle

Trending Wedding Veil Alternatives: Top Stunning Nontraditional Bridal Accessories

As a veil designer, this was a bit of a challenging blog post to write. However, many of my fashion-forward brides have been asking about what my recommendation are for nontraditional accessories.

If you are saying "a veil just doesn't feel like me", then be inspired by these nontraditional styles that are trending for next year.

These creative and unconventional wedding veil alternatives will have you saying "I do" all over again.

Narrow Bridal Scarves

Embrace a chic and sophisticated alternative with narrow bridal scarves. These delicate, flowing accessories can be draped over your shoulders or worn as a stylish headpiece, adding a touch of effortless grace. It gives the drama of the veil while being distinctly posh and chic.

sophisticated narrow tulle bridal neck scarf for nontraditional brides
bride in updo wearing a long silk tulle scarf tied around neck
Statement Bridal Headpieces

Make a bold statement with an eye-catching headpiece. Whether it's a dazzling tiara, a beaded headband, or a stylish hair comb, a statement headpiece can elevate your bridal look and serve as a memorable focal point. Choose a piece that reflects your personality and complements your wedding attire.

gold cape veil on plus size bride in star headband
bridal crown hairpiece for nontraditional celestial inspired bride

Bridal Cape or Capelet

Swap the traditional veil for a cape or capelet to add drama and a bit of shoulder coverage. Whether it's a full-length cape for a regal entrance or a shorter capelet for a touch of whimsy, this alternative provides an elegant and fashion-forward twist. Brides what are "extra" may even consider a hooded bridal cloak.

woodland inspired bridal cloak with oversized hood for romantic goth bridesparkly beaded oversized hood bridal cloak for woodland wedding

Chic Wedding Hats 

If you're looking for a subtle departure from the traditional veil, consider a veil with embroidered or lace edging. This adds a delicate and intricate detail to your ensemble without fully covering your face. It's a perfect compromise for brides who want a hint of tradition with a contemporary twist.

hijabi bridal veil with pearl headpiece
pearl and lace turban bridal hairpiece

Hair Bows + Shoulder Bows

Break away from the sea of white and ivory by incorporating a veil in a different color. Pastel shades, blush tones, or even bolder hues can add a pop of personality to your bridal look. Choose a color that complements your wedding theme or reflects your personal style.

organza embroidered bridal hair bow for wedding reception

pearl hair bow for retro themed engagement shoot with red classic car

Bridal Hair Flowers

A flower hair accessory - real or silk - is a delightful and romantic addition to any bridal ensemble. These accessories come in various styles, ranging from subtle and dainty to bold and statement-making. 

sophisticated derby style flower hat hairpiece in blush pink

dainty satin hair flower in bride's glamorous downdo hair

As weddings become more personalized and reflective of the couple's unique tastes, wedding veil alternatives offer a wonderful opportunity to showcase your individuality.

Whether you choose a floral crown, a birdcage veil, a statement headpiece, or any of the other alternatives mentioned, the key is to embrace what feels true to you.

So, unveil your creativity and make a statement that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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