hacienda adobe wedding venue with tile decorated arch and hanging lace wedding dress

Creative Ways to Plan a Spanish Themed Wedding

 Embrace the Fiesta

Romance, passion, utter luxury , and just a touch of tradition and history . All of this and more comes to mind when I think of a Spanish themed wedding. 

Is there any culture that is as romantic as the Spanish culture? From the intimate and poetic music, to the rich food with just a hint of spice, to the traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation, the Latin culture just embodies pure and utter romance. 

Why not draw in the romance of the latin culture by throwing a Spanish-themed wedding fiesta? When I think of a Spanish wedding, I imagine lots of feminine and delicate lace accents, a hacienda-style wedding venue with old world charm and elegance, and guests fanning themselves with fans while sipping sangria. Perfect for the bride who is romantic at heart! 

Read on for top tips to create a Spanish themed wedding. 

Oaxaca Mexico wedding in cathedral with bride in long lace mantilla bridal veil

Wear a Lace Mantilla Wedding Veil

Elevate your Spanish-themed wedding with the timeless elegance of a mantilla veil. Originating in Spain, the mantilla veil perfectly complements the romantic and passionate atmosphere of a Spanish-inspired celebration.

 spanish mantilla light lace wedding veil Chantilly trim with blue and pink bouquet

beach sunset wedding with bride in fingertip lace mantilla wedding veil on top of head in traditional spanish style

Use lots of Candles for Natural Lighting

From the ceremony to the reception, candles can play a starring role in your décor. Line the aisle with lanterns and candlelit pathways, creating a captivating journey for you and your guests.

Exchange vows under an arch adorned with draped fabrics and clusters of candles, creating a romantic and ethereal backdrop.

romantic spanish wedding decor with candles and bride in long cathedral lace bridal veil in ivory

romantic sweethearts table at wedding reception with candles and rust goblets for rustic warm decor 

Use Bold and Colorful Colors for Spanish Ceremonies

Step into a world bursting with vibrant energy and a kaleidoscope of bold hues – welcome to a Spanish themed wedding like no other! From the fiery reds to the sun-soaked yellows and passionate purples, this celebration is a true feast for the senses.

bright red Mexican wedding with bridesmaids in bold red dresses and bride in cathedral veil


boho Mexican bright wedding with poppy red bridesmaid dresses and bride wearing crystal headpiece and long cathedral lace veil 

Wear Lace for a Kick of Traditional Spanish Flair

When it comes to a Spanish-themed wedding, few elements evoke the essence of romance, culture, and tradition as elegantly as lace. Lace has long been synonymous with Spanish fashion, known for its intricate patterns, delicate beauty, and timeless appeal.

From mantillas to dresses, incorporating lace into your wedding attire for a Spanish-themed celebration can truly transport you and your guests to a world of rich heritage and passionate love stories.

lace wedding dress on spanish bride with veil over updo in hacienda

all lace long sleeve bridal dress with mantilla long wedding veil with French lace edges

Choose a Wedding Venue with Warm Decor like a Hacienda or Mission  

The choice of venue plays a crucial role in creating an authentic and immersive Spanish experience for you and your guests. A warm and inviting atmosphere is at the heart of Spanish culture, and what better way to capture this essence than by selecting a wedding venue with warm decor, reminiscent of a hacienda or mission?

mission wedding with bride in lace gown with bridal cape veil wings on shoulders

warm garden hacienda wedding for glam bride in lace dress and wing shoulder wrap


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