Should Brides Wear a Wedding Veil? Top 7 Reasons for the Classic Bridal Accessory

Should Brides Wear a Wedding Veil? Top 7 Reasons for the Classic Bridal Accessory

I completely understand being on the fence regarding whether or not to wear a wedding veil. It is a very personal decision. As it is with many wedding-planning details, the decision is always up to the bride. There are no official rules for whether or not brides must wear a veil. 

That being said, I am definitely "team veil"! Read on for some of the reasons that you should consider wearing a veil.

glam sophisticated and elegant bride in plain simple strapless silk gown and long bridal veil holding bouquet

Your Wedding is the Only Time in your Life when you can Wear a Bridal Veil.

There is no other occasion (other than a communion perhaps) where you will be able to wear this bridal accessory! Wear one now or forever hold your peace! 

While you could choose to wear a wedding veil to work or to a friend's party, you might get some weird looks. Save it for your wedding day!

 golf course wedding with ballgown and long bridal cathedral length bridal veil and beaded hairpiece in curled downdo

A Wedding Veil Makes you Feel Like a Bride

It is a magnificent moment when you put on your veil and truly feel bridal! There is something about a veil that transforms a beautiful woman in a white (or ivory!) dress into a bride. Then again, I am admittedly quite biased as a veil designer.

Many brides say that the whole wedding-planning experience is surreal, but when they put on the veil it makes the magnitude of the moment sink in. You are getting married! The experience of putting on a veil and being surrounded by layers of soft tulle somehow gives that that movie-esque moment of a bride walking down the aisle in her wedding finery. Try it and see!

princess bride at Disneyland in long English net bridal veil in front of carousel

Disneyland carousal wedding in California with English net bridal illusion tulle long veil and princess long sleeve gown

Wearing a Veil will Make your Mom Happy

I don't know what your mom or grandma is like, but most mothers-of-the-bride are highly in favor of their daughters wearing a veil. It gives the echo of tradition that they want for their daughter's wedding, and it is the punctuation mark that emphasizes the occasion. If it doesn't make your mom happy, then I think it will make your grandmother or that special great aunt very happy! 

I know that you are not planning your wedding to please your mom, but sometimes a small touch like this can bring her so much joy. Even if you don't wear it down the aisle, some brides choose to take a few photos of the mother-of-the-bride helping to put the veil on as the bridal party is getting ready. This is a good compromise.

bridesmaid putting long bridal veil with comb into bride's curly downdo

Wearing a Bridal Veil Gives the Most Dramatic Photos

Photographers often tell me that the bridal veil is their very favorite prop. The sheer fabric helps them to capture just the right amount of sunlight for that magical glow. Plus, the long veils have a statement way of catching the wind. Who doesn't want a photo like this?

long chapel length bridal veil in Swiss polka dot tulle and scalloped lace edge trimming

Bridal Veils are Pretty

Who knows what it is about this sheer, iridescently floaty fabric that has enraptured brides for generations! But there is no denying that the wedding veil is plain and simply divine and lovely.

autumn outdoor trail wedding with long floor length lace applique bridal veil in off white

The Religious Significance of Wedding Veils

I love the significance that veils have had throughout history.  Veils used in Christian, Muslim, and Jewish settings imply humility and reverence before God. As a Christian though, I think it also references the temple veil that was literally torn into two pieces when Jesus dies on the cross. This veil was torn to show that Christians now have direct access to God's presence. In the same way, the bride and groom have unhindered access to one another after getting married. 

My Jewish brides have also informed me that the veil is a very important part of the traditional Bedeken ceremony where the groom puts the veil on the bride.

christian church orthodox wedding with long beaded scattered rhinestones bridal veil and scalloped train dress

hotel resort wedding with glam bride in mid length embroidered trim wedding veil on staircase entrance

What if the bridal veil covers my dress?

This is the most common concern that brides share with me. They have paid a small fortune for their beautifully detailed gown only to envision it all being covered by layers of veiling! But there are many styles of veils that are very sheer and that won't cover up your gown one bit. Alternatively, you can consider a short veil if you are worried about showing off your bridal dress train.

bohemian lace edged long bridal veil with forehead beaded hair jewelry and crochet dress



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