How To Preserve Your Wedding Veil and Dress

How To Preserve Your Wedding Veil and Dress

You've tied the knot and you are now officially a married woman! But what in the world are you supposed to do with your dress and veil now? Where and how do you store them? How do you go about preserving them properly so that you can pass them on to future generations? Read on for a few of my best tips.
draped wedding cape veil and vintage wedding dress with elbow length sleeves

Caring for your Veil Before The Wedding Ceremony

6-9 Months Before the Wedding: Hang your Veil Up

Believe it or not, the key to keeping your wedding veil and accessories pristine is to start BEFORE you even wear it! Make sure to keep your dress and veil in a protective bag.
To store and protect your veil, slip the veil over any hanger and fold it crosswise, smoothing out any wrinkles. Once you have properly hung your veil, place it inside a protective garment bag to shield it from entangling with other items in your closet and to prevent your beloved dog or cat from thinking that you have bought them a new toy! :)
You just need a 100% cotton bag like this or any other smooth bag that does not have any rough or pointy metal closures that your veil and dress could get caught on.
The bonus is that you can use this same bag to transport your veil to and from fittings and to your venue day of.
hanging your long wedding veil up before the ceremony, bridal tips

If you are flying and are having a destination wedding, I would recommend traveling with it in this same garment bag.

No hassle and no worries. No stress!
Store in a cool, dry place that is away from direct sunlight.
how to care for your wedding veil when traveling to a destination on your wedding day by hanging it up

Steam the Veil 1 Week Before the Wedding

About a week before your wedding is when you should give it a once-over and get out any stray wrinkles. In order to get the wrinkles out you have 3 options. can either have the veil steamed (they can do this at alteration shops or you can with a handheld steamer), or you can hang it up in a steamy bathroom, and the weight of the accessory will naturally take out the wrinkles within 4-5 days.

No ironing unless it is done by a professional. The likelihood of messing this up is pretty high! Steaming is a much safer option for veils, capes, or bridal cover-ups.

Steamers I recommend: 

I recommend Conair as they have excellent reviews and are more heavy duty. 

 However, if you will be traveling then I’d get something even more compact like this steamer. 

hanging the veil over a hanger to get wrinkles out
You would be amazed by how many brides stain or rip their gown or veil before the big day just by not properly storing it ahead of time. The most common scenario I hear about is how a bride's dog or cat decided to "play" with the wedding veil, resulting in a rip in the delicate tulle fabric of the veil that could not be mended. Save yourself the headache of last-minute patches or alterations by placing them in a protective case or bag.

After The Wedding Ceremony 

Now is when the real work begins. I recommend starting the preservation process as soon as possible after your wedding. You can wait until after your honeymoon, but when you get back you should take them to your dry cleaners.
Even if your dress & veil look good now, there may still be light stains and oils from your skin that you cannot see.
Over the years, these stains will yellow and darken. Don't wait more than a week or two as it can get significantly more tricky to remove stains and dirt.
blusher wedding veil in downdo and blue dress


To be safe, I recommend having your wedding attire and bridal veil professionally preserved rather than trying to DIY it. Such a special garment really does deserve the time and attention of a professional who can make sure your dress and veil stay pristine for years to come. These services normally start at around $250 and can go to around $500 depending on how intricate your dress and veil are, how much beading and lace there is, and the amount of fabric. The good news is that many preservation businesses will allow you to preserve your veil for no extra charge if you are already preserving your wedding dress with them.

I know that it can be painful to spend more after you have already invested in your wedding ceremony and reception – after all, weddings are expensive! But you’ll be so thankful that you did this years from now so that you can pass your dress and gown down to future generations.

bride and groom with English net wedding veil in tiara

You have 3 options for preserving your veil:

  1. Do a Google search for a local “wedding dress preservation” business and choose one that has good reviews
  2. There are many businesses that you can ship your dress and veil to for professional preservation. This is especially useful if you are not located near a big city. One of my favorites is by the "Wedding Gown Preservation Company" as they also include preservation for 3 accessories (such as your veil!). You ship your dress and veil to them and they do all the work for you.
  3. If you are on a tight budget and really want to DIY it, then you need a 100% cotton bag to hang your dress and veil in as this avoids permanent creasing, mold damage, and discoloration. If you prefer to store it in a box, then you can buy acid-free tissue to help fold it. The tissue will soften creases and avoid weakening of the fabric at the folds. You can also order a preservation box and acid free tissue paper as a complete set. This is a wonderful gift for brides, and most boxes will be large enough to fit both the veil and the dress.

 wedding veil and dress preservation box in pink

Venice lace long wedding veil for outdoor wedding

TAKEAWAY TIP for preserving your bridal veil or cape:

No matter which of the above methods you choose, make sure that your dress and veil are stored in an “acid-free and lignin-free” box or 100% cotton bag. I then recommend storing them in a cool, dry location (my favorites are in a closet or under the bed).

putting the cathedral wedding veil in the bride's hair after taking out wrinkles with a steamer

Common Questions about Safely Storing and Caring for Veils, Dresses, and Capes

What if it has some wrinkles even after hanging?

Don't let pesky wrinkles ruin your perfect look! If your wedding veil or cape has wrinkles, you have several options for getting them out.

  1. You can have it steamed
  2. You can steam it yourself
  3. You can hang it up in a steamy bathroom for 4-5 days.

Whatever you do, be sure to avoid using an iron on the delicate fabric! With the right care, you can have your wedding veil or cape looking perfect in no time.

grandma of the bride steaming tulle wedding veil for granddaughter

How do I travel on an airplane with my wedding veil for my destination wedding?

Traveling for your destination wedding comes with its own set of concerns and worries. Look no further than a garment bag like this or any other cotton bag! It is the perfect way to transport your veil and dress to and from fittings and onto the plane. The bonus is that this bag will protect your veil from any rough or pointy metal closures that could damage it while it is in transit. It's the ideal transport bag for any bride planning a destination wedding and wanting to travel with her veil without stressing out.

As soon as you arrive at your destination, then you can take out your veil and hang it up. The sooner you do this, the more it can de-wrinkle naturally.

elegant simple sheath bridal gown with polka dot Swiss dot fingertip length veil

PRO TIP: Try not to put your veil in the same garment bag as your dress. Your gown may have beading or zippers that can tear the more delicate veil fabric. 

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