marquis and flower rhinestone beading on wedding veil

Beading Guide for Bridal Veils: Styles of Rhinestones for your Wedding Dress + Accessories

When you are a bride who loves sparkle, it can be a tempting idea some magical shimmer to every detail of your wedding day look: from your wedding dress, to the jewelry, and even on the veil.

Let's discuss the most common types of beading.

beaded drop wedding veil with blusher and resin dew drops

Beading Added to Lace Trims

When it comes to bridalwear, lace is a timeless favorite. Its delicate patterns and intricate designs exude romance and elegance. Now, imagine enhancing this beauty with a touch of sparkle! Custom beading offers a personalized touch, turning a stunning lace design into a true masterpiece.

I can add on custom beading to any one of my lace designs. This is a wonderful way to tie in the sparkle from your dress. I recommend choosing a complimentary style of beading to the beading used on your wedding dress.

1. Glam Beading: Rhinestone

For those seeking a more pronounced sparkle, rhinestone beading is the perfect choice. It catches the light beautifully and adds a touch of glamour to the ensemble.

 silver lace with rhinestone beading on edge of long cathedral bridal veil

long silk cathedral wedding veil with rhinestones scattered for California wedding

2. Understated Beading: Clear and Silver Lined Czech Beading 

Subtle and understated, this style adds a touch of shimmer without overpowering the lace's intricate details.

 styles of beading for wedding veils and lace

beaded clear and silver sequin lace eyelash cathedral bridal veil

clear and silver seed beads sewn to corded French alencon lace veil

3. Timeless Beading: Pearls

I know you have a pearl necklace somewhere in your jewelry box! Pearls have a unique allure that transcends trends and fads. Their natural luster and gentle iridescence have made them a symbol of sophistication throughout history. When strategically placed within lace patterns, pearls can transform a beautiful design into a breathtaking work of art.

pearl and clear sequins beaded lace applique for wedding veils in ivory

pearl beaded wedding veil in ivory tulle

4. Combo

For a blend of classic elegance and modern sparkle, consider a combination of pearls and beading. This option offers a unique and eye-catching effect.

 pearl and silver lined beading on French alencon lace trim with eyelash edge for bridal

sparkly bridal gown and wedding veil with rhinestone beading and clear sequins 

Send me some photos of the beading on your gown for a personalized recommendation.
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