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How a Bride Repurposed her Mom's Vintage Wedding Dress

Once upon a time, in a quaint little town, there lived a young woman named Janna. She was engaged to be married to the love of her life. Her heart overflowed with love and respect for her mother, who had always been her guiding light.

As Janna prepared for her wedding day, she found herself reminiscing about her parents' wedding.

She had seen countless pictures of her mother on that special day, resplendent in her vintage 1973 wedding gown. The dress held a sentimental value. It was hand-designed for her Mom by the only seamstress of Corpus Christy, Texas and her Mom did not even try it on until her wedding day.

One evening, as Janna sat in her childhood room surrounded by old photo albums, she stumbled upon a picture of her mother wearing the gown. The image struck a chord in her heart, and she knew she wanted to honor her mother in a unique way on her own wedding day.

Inspired by a sudden burst of creativity, Janna decided to repurpose her mother's wedding gown into a new bridal veil.

She wanted to incorporate the essence of her mother's love story into her own, symbolizing the strong bond they shared and the wisdom she had passed down to her.

With her idea in mind, Janna eagerly approached her mother with her plan. She explained her vision, her eyes shining with excitement and love. Her mom's face lit up, her eyes welling up with tears. She embraced her daughter, feeling a surge of pride and joy knowing that her precious gown would be a part of yet another beautiful chapter in their family's history.

Together, Emily and Martha carefully shipped the veil to Alisha of One Blushing Bride. The trio met via zoom, and Janna and her mom shared their dream of creating a bridal veil that would embody the love, warmth, and legacy of their family.

With a gently touch and small snips of the Italian lace, Alisha began the painstaking process of transforming the vintage gown into a breathtaking veil. She expertly deconstructed the dress, meticulously preserving its most intricate elements. The lace, pearls, and delicate fabric were handled with reverence, as if they held the very essence of love itself.

cutting up vintage wedding Dress with lace detail into bridal veil

Alisha infused the bride's vision into the design, adding her own artistic touch.

The veil began to tell a story of intertwining love and heritage, with the timeless elegance of the 1973 gown serving as its foundation.

Finally, the day of the wedding arrived. As Janna stood before the mirror, wearing her own modern wedding gown, her eyes sparkled with anticipation. Janna's mom gently placed the transformed veil on her head, allowing the delicate lace to cascade down her back, creating an ethereal aura around her.

Janna took one last glance in the mirror and gasped. The veil was a masterpiece, a testament to the love that had woven its way through generations. She felt a deep connection to her mother, her grandmother, and all the strong women who came before her. 

As Janna walked down the aisle, the guests were awestruck by her beauty. Her mom was proudly sitting in the front row, watched her daughter with tears streaming down her face, overwhelmed by the beauty of this heartfelt tribute.

Janna and her fiance exchanged their vows, surrounded by the warmth of their loved ones and the legacy of their family. With every step she took, Janna felt her mother's presence, guiding her into a future filled with love and happiness.

And so, the vintage 1973 wedding gown, now transformed into a magnificent bridal veil, became an eternal symbol of love.

With the extra remnant scraps from her mom's dress, we decided to design a customized garter set.

 blush pink wedding garter set for bride made from mom's 1980s wedding dress

flower garter set made from mom's old wedding dress

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