pearl studded long wedding veil in curly downdo

Most Stunning Bridal Hairstyles + Wedding Veil Combos

Your wedding veil and your hairstyle are undoubtedly connected. The hairstyle that you choose effects your wedding veil and your wedding veil effects the hairstyle. The problem is that there are so many gorgeous hairstyles out there - from sleek, sophisticated updos to romantically curled down-dos, bohemian braids, and the classic half up half down 'do. It's hard to know where to even start.

That’s why I have put together a collection of my favorite hairstyles that elegantly pair with wedding veils and accessories. Have fun and be inspired by these timeless parings that are for the bride with sophistication and style.

Loose Beachy Waves

Loose beachy waves are as timeless as they are romantic. Place a long cathedral veil at the top of the crown of your head for a look that stays secure while being enchantingly glorious all night long. And yes, you can wear a veil even with your hair down!

 loose beach waves in hair with veil on top

Sleek Chignon with Playful Bow 

An ultra shiny and simple low chignon bun is clean enough to allow this refined bride to give a nod to her playful personality with a fun and flirty bow veil.

playful bow veil over sleek low bun

Bohemian Side Braid

A single layer fingertip veil perfectly accentuates this romantic twisted side braid and face-framing soft tendrils. The bohemian messy sideswept braid remains center stage while the simple bridal veil is the elegant cherry on top. 

 boho sideswept bridal braid hairstyle with simple single layer veil on top of head

Defined Side Part with Structured Curls

A polished side part is emphasized with the elegant side placement of this crystal hair comb, while a super feminine pearl wedding veil stands out against all those luscious curls.  

defined curl downdo with blusher wedding veil and beaded hair comb

Partially Pulled Back Gather with Full Veil

Pure romance and class. This enchanting bride kept her tousled locks pulled back with a gentle half-up gather and added in blonde highlights for dimension. She nestled a simple, extra full veil at the back gather of her hair for a wedding day look that stayed out of her face while still being the epitome of luxury and grace. 

beachy half up half down hairstyle with highlights and simple raw edge cathedral veil

Tight Bun with Classic Drop Veil

An ultra sleek + tight low bun with a "barely there" blusher wedding veil plays up your natural beauty and facial structure. This minimalist style is exactly what it sounds like - a bridal veil that is a single layer of fabric with no gathering to allow the shine of a clean updo to prettily peak through.

tight sleep bridal bun updo with drop blusher wedding veil

Casual Half Up with Flower Accents

A semi updo was perfect for this outdoor wedding ceremony. The bride kept the top half of her hair straight and luscious while adding loose waves at the bottom for texture. She accentuated her floral gown with a custom flower + embroidered veil with the names of her most special loved ones.

embroidered name and flower wedding veil with casual loose half up styled hair

Natural Curls

Cheers to this garden-inspired bride who played up her gorgeous natural ringlets with a textured mid-level updo. She accentuated her earthy style with a simple, lace trimmed long veil that she positioned underneath her upswept curls to better show off all that gorgeous texture.

 curly updo mid level bun with lace trimmed cathedral bridal veil

Traditional Soft Waves

One part classic, two parts glamorous for this traditionally inspired bride. The loose curls pair elegantly with a full lace mantilla veil while the eyelash lace detailing of her luxe bridal adornment frames her face like a dream.

 eyelash lace traditional mantilla veil in soft loose curly downdo

Bold Blunt Bob with Short Birdcage Veil

An edgy chin length bob  frames this bride's face in the most fashion-forward way. A short blusher veil keeps the look clean, classy, and buoyant.

 birdcage short wedding veil in bob chin length hair

Retro Pin-Up Curls with Tiara + Beaded Veil 

This Pinup-inspired shoulder length hairdo with retro coiled locks gives a definite nod to the glamour of the 1920s. Her gilded sparkly tiara adds height while brilliantly mimicking the scattered rhinestones of her beaded veil.

 beaded retro inspired wedding veil with pin up 1920s curls and tiara

Twisted Half Up Hairstyle with Organic Lace

A twisted variation of the classic half half up, half down hairstyle, this bride chose to keep her hair luxuriously straight while changing it up with an elegantly twirled side gather. Paired with a woodsy, nature inspired floral appliqué veil to keep in line with her organic vision.

twisted half up half down hairstyle with rose applique wedding veil in forest

Voluminous Ponytail with Sweet Embroidered Hair Ribbon

This bride wanted comfort above all else on her wedding day. So this volumized, Belle-inspired ponytail gathered at the base of her head was a perfectly stylish choice. She accentuated her effortless look with a sweet hair ribbon that was embroidered with a phrase that was significant to her fiance. Flirty and playful, this is a sweet wedding day look that has me swooning.

ponytail on bride with flirty ribbon bow with embroidery

Low Side Bun & Juliet Cap Veil 

A classic bun placed to the side has "bridal" written all over it. This vintage-inspired bride compliments her asymmetric updo with a bold sparkling beaded appliqué Juliet cap veil to emphasize the unique side placement.

 beaded juliet cap veil with rhinestones for low side bun

Cute Bangs with a High Updo

Bold bangs frame this stunning bride's face so elegantly while her upswept hair allows for a bold statement beaded veil.

 chic bangs with bridal updo and bold rhinestone trimmed wedding veil

Tasteful Low Updo with English Net Veil

The classics are a classic for a reason. An elegant low updo with soft tendrils pulled out to delicately frame her face stunningly pairs with a vintage inspired English net veil. The softer English netting fabric is in line with the classic elegance of her upswept hair.

tasteful twisted low bridal bun with english net wedding veil

Windblown Fishtail Braid, Hair Vine + Bridal Wings 

This bride wanted to show off her gorgeous low-backed gown with an intentionally messy fishtail braid offset with a beaded pearl hairpiece. No veil to cover up this beautiful sexy back though - just a unique wedding wing "veil alternative" so she feels like a bride without any of the coverage.

romantic twisted braid with beaded hairpiece and detacheable bridal wings

Wedding Hair FAQ

1. Do I have to bring my veil to my hair trial?

Many stylist do like brides to have their veil on hand for the hair trial. Practice makes perfect, so this additional practice of securing the hair comb in your hair will ensure a seamless wedding day experience. If you cannot get your veil in time for your hair trial, then I would recommend bringing a small "bachelorette" style veil - the simple and cheaper style that you can purchase from Amazon. 

2. Will my hairstyle that I choose effect the style of veil that I can wear?

Normally the two do go hand in hand, but I have found that almost all wedding hairstyles can be worn with a veil. Your hairstyle will mainly effect the positioning of your veil on your head. 

3. When do I put on my veil?

If you are wearing a shorter veil, I recommend having your hairstylist secure it in your hair when doing your hair on your wedding day. If you have a longer veil style that is too cumbersome to wear around for long periods of time, then you will want to place the veil in your hair right before the ceremony. Enlist a bridesmaid or your mom to help position it, and make sure to anchor it with extra bobby pins criss-crossed over the teeth of the comb.

bridesmaid placing veil in half up half down hairstyle 

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